Helping clients find the right talent and helping individuals land the job of their dreams.
Helping companies find the right talent, and helping clients land a job they love.

Job Coaching

We will make suggestions about other positions that you could consider in your job search. We keep you focused; share leads, resources, websites and information on how to get that all important interview and land your next job.

Finding a new or different job is different today. Technology and internet advancements have dramatically impacted the ways organizations fill open positions. Companies may begin the recruitment process by conducting a phone interview before the face to face meeting. Or companies may use a software program scanning all resumes for keywords before they consider the candidate for their open positions.

As a candidate, you don’t know. So, it’s extremely important to differentiate yourself from the other candidates to stay ahead of the competition.

We will help you to be strategic and tactical when looking at your career transition. We will help you identify information about yourself, likes and dislikes in a job, and today’s job market. We will make suggestions about other jobs that you could consider in your job search. We keep you focused, share leads, websites, resources, provide information on how to get the interview, and many more tips to ultimately land your next job.

Job coaching begins with a face-to-face meeting or discussion over the phone to assess your background and your recent challenges to find a job. The next step is to define the job coaching program that fits your needs, identify action steps and specific desired outcomes. Fees are generally by the hour and depend on the program and the number of coaching sessions you select. Package discounts are available if you combine resume services with job coaching.

If you are interested in learning more about job coaching services, you may email us with an explanation of your current situation. If you have a resume send the attachment in a Microsoft word format or PDF file.

"Working with Julie has been fantastic. She helped me get a knock out resume ready for the current job market that I have been out of for 8 years and made me look competent and competitive. She also spent time talking to me about my strengths and interests and helped launch me on an exciting new idea for a career path. Julie made a daunting task enjoyable and enlightening. Way to go Julie!"

Rebecca R
Dental Assistant/Realtor