Helping clients find the right talent and helping individuals land the job of their dreams.
Helping companies find the right talent, and helping clients land a job they love.


Job Coaching
We listen to you and customize a job search program that fits your needs.

We write your resume in an articulate, professional style that gets the readers attention and stands apart from the rest of the stack.

Talent Management
We help you to hire the best talent in your core group. You not only get the best talent, but you will have the synergy that is necessary for your groups and teams to work effectively together.

Working with Julie has been fantastic. She helped me get a knock out resume ready for the current job market that I have been out of for 8 years and made me look competent and competitive. She also spent time talking to me about my strengths and interests and helped launch me on an exciting new idea for a career path. Julie made a daunting task enjoyable and enlightening. Way to go Julie!

Rebecca R
Dental Assistant/Realtor